Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What the?

So I had one giant planet of a dream last night. I've decided to turn it into the next latin dance hit*! (with some modification, of course) Or, some random new philosophy that involves me, and cheap-o island in some neighbouring-ghetto-of-the world-where-they-can't-wait-to-sell-it-to-some-eager-Canadian-with-big-big-dreams-who-has-no-idea-how-the-selling-of-an-island-works, and, well, a canopener I guess. This random text may in fact make as little sense as the following dreamscape. I can not be held accountable:

ulcum com laude phd baclaurat minnesota kant kant kant
what is this little book?
we have to read it all.
it is not scripture it is not (do not laugh), you are late.
we have to read it all less we offend the god.
the god did not give you this
this is from the library. it talks of biography.

white salt waves three men australia white salt turned carpet
teal blue hexagon shaped short brush turned back turned carpet

key. choose a key from a bowl. this will be your room.
this will be your service. your duty. and you, yours will begin at 10 am.
it is 9 am.
yes it is.
but i must sleep.
there is no time.

you will lead the service this morning.
I can do this I did this once.
here is your verse book. you will teach it all.
all? yes all.
but it is not verse.

we are reading this book now. it is biography. people are raising their hands in praise.

on the beach a professor stands. a friend stands and asks about professor.
a professor laughs then leaves.
he is tall, skinny. he did not choose a key. he does not like to remember awkward things.

on the beach which is now a carpet i am remembering there are three men swimming.
they are from australia. we are in australia. because i asked them i know.

in a room in that city that is not at the bottom of the world are two naked people.
they are being laughed at. there is a woman with a man's instrument who is having a good time. i know this man.
there is anger or there is fear.
in that room there are ideas of love in one person's mind. but no one else can.
the toilet is full and will not flush.

there is a bus there are birds lots of birds there is a larger one.
it turns and takes over and we can not stop it and we land.

malcom cum laude bea tu phd. kant kant.

*latin dance composers need not apply.


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