Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Award Show

So I know you're not supposed to submit poems for a poetry award based on who's judging, but really, if I knew half the time, I wouldn't bother submitting. The poetry I write is not of any one-genre, not particularly genre-specific, rather I'd like to think the components of poems I write contribute to their own significance without need to justify this or place that. It could be that what I write is just kinda crappy; I'm not beyond believing that. And, it's just plain disappointing not to be part of the award gang, or something.

So I submitted to this local thing that is particular to a local group of which I'm part of. Already I think the odds are not so high as to entirely discourage my chances of getting this award-thing. But then I discover who the judges are. Fine people, all of them... but not exactly writing in any of the forms my poetics explore the boundaries of.

My question is, not should it matter (because it shouldn't, and hopefully it really doesn't... that people could judge on the basis of style alone), but maybe the question really is, should I apply for awards that "seem" to engage a poetic that exists to the left of my own? I suppose it may depend on the representation of said award...


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