Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Geez, my blog is certainly photo-happy these days. Here's something new:

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In other news:
I ate half a chocolate bunny today, then went to the gym, then had some skinny french fries with spicy mayonnaise at the French restaurant/bar--only one within 10 blocks of my house that stays open past 9pm. I read half of a postmodern play (which is very interesting: Parks "America Play"), part of Aristophanes "Birds", a political satire, or straight up comedy--however you choose to see it, of the Athenian "state", etc., and will be critiquing two fiction stories for tomorrow's workshop in my bed that I am about to fold into. I'm going to wear some crisp pajama pants, pet my cats, and take a nice deep breath before getting out my marking-up pencil. Last day of classes tomorrow (less one more on Monday). Then I prepare for essay/exam craziness. Three research papers and two exams in the next month. Oh what fun.

Interesting bit of learning that came up today. The idea of metaphor being that which simply represents movement from one thing (or place) to another. That movement can be representative of things such as "constructivism" in opposition to "realism", sharing the idea of "sophistry" on the realist side, and "the poet, or poetry" on the constructivist end. As Aristotle deems, the two could be interchangable, for in effect, the poet is also sometimes representative of the "liar", which relates either directly or indirectly to "sophistry"... so it's all the same damn fabric... and not.

Interesting prof. I hope to have more classes with him. And, in part due to his excellent form (in teaching... ) and superb intellect, I may in fact be adding a minor to my degree: classics, a la Anne Carson, whom I respect and admire, and was quite into about a year ago. I was able to write a classicist dramaturgical-focused paper on an essay she penned awhile back just a month ago. Her points were interestingly valid to our current climate of state vs. class vs. gender, and her scholarship was/is exciting.

All for now. Must to bed.


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