Friday, April 07, 2006

The growth of things

I attended a very fun Classics department wine and cheese last night where I made a brief appearance as Athena. What fun. Had a good discussion with a prof about Irving Layton and discovered that in a room in the library building that's dedicated to a number of works and collections of his are included a few earlier manuscripts and personal affects. I will be very happily researching things in that room for an upcoming essay. Maybe some comparison of earlier drafts showing larger (or lesser) amounts of hubris, as he was known for a certain superiority (of ego).

I've also just discovered a letter that arrived from the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee. It turns out the bursary I applied for in December came through, and was even more than the $300 I'd applied for. A thousand bucks in fact! And just when I'd wondered where my rent was going to come from for May. Glad I've been keeping up that 3.30 GPA.

I registered for my fall and winter classes too:

Fall term:

Poetry workshop with Robert Allen (full year course)
Prose Poetry workshop with Mary di Michele
Restoration & Early 18th Century Lit.
Introductory Ancient Greek (full year course)

Winter term:

Poetry workshop with Robert Allen (full year course)
Introductory Ancient Greek (full year course)
Greek or Roman Lit, Aristotle, Plato, or Existentialism (haven't decided yet)
Literature of the Mid-18th Century

I may take a prepratory Greek class this summer at one of the language schools in town. I hear it's a tough learn. My Russian background will come in handy, they tell me. Hope so.

Going to help out with some of the Blue Metropolis events. This one, next week. I'm now officially a member of the QWF.


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