Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The problem with "poets" and "poets"

Funny. Some poets can't remember meeting other poets. Or maybe they just don't care. Or it could be the revolutions surrounding their own special lives occupy the small spaces in between.

Example. I was asked to do a reading in x-town. X-town reading setter-up guy seems to have visited my web page about, oh, 30 times. When I told guy I couldn't do reading due to time conflict, guy never responded. Guy continues to visit same old web page that hasn't been updated in, oh, about a year. Must be some real interesting stuff on there.

Example. Other poet setter upper guy. Met this guy once. Emailed this guy once. Both on related poet-reading situations. Even small-press-fair tabled with this guy. This guy emails me about a reading-thing stating who he is and what he does and that he found out I was a poet. No, not because I told him. No, not because I talked to him explicitly about bad poetry (and what-not) while we shared said table and exchanged our poems, etc. But, because he visited my web page, you know the one, that hasn't been updated in about a year.

Ah... to read or not to read.

Today I bought chinese slippers. They look like this. They're only 5 bucks. It's one of the best things about living.


Anonymous Sabina said...

I know, I took an unreasonable amount of time to actually send you this. I still do not have very many poets on this list, but you will be able to find links from their sites.

Kris T Kahn

He is the main person that I thought about when I came up with the idea to send you many poets' names. He has work published. There isn't much on his website, but you can find his work all over the internet. He used to run this online magazine:

Julie Ruble

She used to have her entire book, Michael Wood, online. I found some of the poems, but I have the entire book saved on my computer. I can send it to you, if you'd like.

more poetry:

Sarah Jeanne Lombardo

Roxanne Carter

other writing:

Katharine Tillman

Helena Kvarnstrom

Deborah Brandon

Lynn Ewins

and this is a cute store that sells books:

Contact me if you want me to send you Michael Woods.

6:08 a.m.  
Blogger MissWanda said...

Hi Sabina. Thanks for the links to poets that you thought I'd like.

I really like your photos on your Web site though. They rock.

5:13 p.m.  
Blogger MissWanda said...

PS/ I really like the "terror of the sea" pendant on that last web link:

And the silhouette of Julia Dalton. I had to look up who she was. I still don't really know. But it's inspired me to make my own profile pendant. But maybe I'll name it something else.

5:20 p.m.  

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