Thursday, April 13, 2006

So school's almost out (my last class tonight) and so begins the summer look for work. I have an interview on the 20th (same day as my 10-page interpretive essay on Euripedes' Helen is due, groan) but in the possible outcome that the job thingy doesn't work out, I'm offering my services. I used to do Web Design during my few years in Ottawa. I just finished my latest site, for author Mark Frutkin. If you'd like to hire me, I'm all for it.

Tonight's last class of my first year back at university: Modern Canadian Poetry. We'll be looking at Anne Wilkinson and Irving Layton, and possibly other things too. My 10-page paper for this class is due on the 24th, 2 days before my American Lit survey exam, which I still have to read FAR too much lit and make study notes for (double groan).

What should I write about for my ModCanPo essay? Comparison of Livesay and Marlatt's longer works (ie. Steveston), of Jack Spicer and Layton concerning elements of hubris, of Layton himself--some sort of comparison of his earlier drafts to later ones--focusing on some common element such as the superiority in his verse, or, maybe I could select from a variety of topics from my last paper which I didn't choose... I've come to realize that I need a solid thesis to move forward on essay material. And that takes me the length of days sometimes. I don't have the luxury of time now...

For Helen essay, I will try to prove--recylcing research from my first paper involving why women's sounds were bad to hear for the Athenian male (thanks Anne Carson for insightful research material) and how they alarmed them--how Helen is representative of all women. This thesis I need to significantly build up. A closer reading of the play should help. Which I will begin tonight, after my late 8:30-10:45 class, once again at the library that is open until 1am.

And now, to interview some fancy poet for some weekly paper thing...

Could I have more to do? Oh yes, I'm also working on a journal Web site in the states.

I really don't have time to be writing this now do I.

Finished the essay last night! Got it in before the office opened! It was on time! Horray! And, I'm somewhat pleased with it. Title I went with:

The Wonder of the Wonder: the Preoccupation of Unconscious Law in T.S. Eliot and Henry James


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