Tuesday, May 01, 2007

revising the narrative influence she had over your idea

trees underground
follow a line
in the neighbourhood
the chime of wind

you'd think it was reflection

here's a telephone
a bird
a gate

here come the leaves two at a time
transform into anger & put to good use & black covers everything

beauty in the sky
fell rain upon things
with no name

          stand off
     (seemed real important at the time)

   we bought land

margins and edges,
.5 acres
     (near the water on the water)

rocks existed between other rocks.

this nameless history
or flight of birds.
wipe out a memory, or help
inform it.

I have decided to take Latin at McGill for the next two months. Four days a week. 2.5 hours/day. Might as well get it in while I can, which means in the fall I can launch right into 2nd year Latin and 2nd year Greek. Fun! Found out there's an .opportunity for me to do an MA at Concordia with a special prof I adore. Fantastic!

Getting my grades back, so far things have gone incredibly well--an A in Greek, holy cow. Always rewarding to see hard work pay off. I almost died a couple times this semester.

I am baking organic lemon & poppy seed cupcakes with cream cheese icing topped with coconut. So good I might marry them.

Lonely here with boyfriend away. Am working the core.


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