Monday, March 26, 2007

More exciting school stuff

Doing so much, again. Forgive me all for not returning emails, finishing work, etc etc. Up to my eyeballs in end of term.

Apparently I wrote the best essay in my class last week. Working on another for same prof, the "Unspeakable Acts of Cruelty" Greek Drama course where we delve into concepts of civilization, its abject and violent nature in a cause and effect sort of way, and retreat to the sublime to wrap up. Writing essay on sublime now, and another long one (20pgs) due the middle of April. It will combine all three concepts. Yay! Seriously difficult class; seriously interesting. The sublime coincides with the Women of Trachis as translated by Ezra Pound when he was locked up. Yes, as insane as it sounds. Edmund Burke's "A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful" has its moments. Longinus' "On Sublimity" is more my style. Both yielding some excellent afterthoughts. Go read, kids.

Waiting for the day when I can sink my teeth into more than the average undergrad class. My need to be challenged is pouring into my sleep time with wild dreams, padding my metro rides with heavy reading instead of maybe resting for a minute? Try turning off my brain. Just try.

Missing poetry readings lately. No time. The life of a double major. Now, to pick "one" for grad school. Maybe I'll do two MA's. I'm not dead yet.


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you'll never believe it! ps. i think i'll blog some more.

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