Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh, Procrastination

Have an essay due at 4pm on a very interesting subject matter: the relationship between torture, bodily pain and power as it relates to Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound (typical undergrad Classics paper, I know--looking forward to grad school if only to delve into multiple texts and expand topic areas). But why can't I seem to get the energy to revise/edit it? I still need a concluding paragraph. Having difficulty with the dense text of two articles I'm reading. Making me feel inferior in my own language. That could be it. That, and all I want to do is wake up tomorrow when this day is over.

Interesting things I'm finding (in this book from Elain Scarry, "The Body in Pain"), such as:

The voice as self-extension; as the prisoner speaks, the self extends beyond the boundaries of the body, occuping a space much larger than the torturer (who is concerned with focusing entirely on the prisoner). As such, as the body breaks down it becomes increasingly the object of attention, usurping the place of all other objects (ie. chair in room becomes unrecognizable, distant). In effect, making the "world map" of the tortured seem smaller. So this constant contraction-expansion could be the torture itself.

I recommend you all read Sartre's short story "The Wall", if you haven't already. Excellent study of psychological self-inflicted torture.

Of course all of these techniques are preparing me for the one day I myself may be tortured.

And now, I must finish writing the damn thing.
And tidy up a poetry packet to hand into workshop today.
And finish with critiquing 4 other poetry packets for tonight's class.
And write one of those weekly exercise poems.
Can't forget to somewhere in there study my Greek. Test on Thursday. On Aorist and Future stems. What fun.

And shower.

That last bit was probably too much information.

My kitty is sick too. Can't pee very well. I'm trying to find a natural-herbal-holistic remedy. Will scour book stores to find a natural vet book. How do animals take care of themselves in the wild? I figure, they eat the right herbs/plants and cure their own diseases. Instinct. Nature. It's the way to go.

By the way, if any of you out there are stressed out, chew some licorice root and drink some carrot juice. Works like a charm.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Latest writer Web site creation: www.elizabethhay.com

Ottawa was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who provided such kind compliments and feedback on my work. & thanks to John M. for taking such a nice pic of me reading, to rob for inviting me to be there. Great talks with Stephen Brockwell--was sorry that I had to rush off. Perhaps Stephen will visit me in Montreal, introduce me to Peter Van Toorn? I truly miss Ottawa from time to time and it's good to return now and then. I hope someone will have a warm and welcoming poetry party soon and invite me (Claire? Stephen, bring your banjo... I'll be upstairs, dancing to the Sex Pistols).


Poetry as incorporating both visible and invisible elements: imagery, metaphor, concepts, ideas. Why do so many consider a poem successful only if they understand it completely? I say there is something intriguing about a metaphor that continues long past a hearing/reading of it. Why can't an "invisible" metaphor signal just as much pleasure as a "visible" one? I can't say how many times a direct poem complete with lacklustre narration has bored me entirely. I consider it success to polish an image until it shines, captivating my own imagination, coupling it with figurative language, mellifluous sound.

On another note, a friend of mine is looking to buy some land, possibly in Wakefield, Val-des-Monts area. 2+ acres, if anyone had any leads, please email me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reading Alert

Going to Ottawa this Friday 26th Jan. for a reading at Mercury Lounge, readings 8-10pm.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I had a small winter adventure in the Gatineau Hills hiking and mucking about in 1/2 an inch of snow. Where oh where is all the snow? I had planned on snowshoeing. No such luck.

Laid in the snow for awhile. It was packy, snowman snow. Left my body imprint somewhere in the hills.

Didn't really visit with anyone. Only had a two day visit. Was working a couple of jobs so couldn't really stay longer. And now, school starts tomorrow. Will discuss possibility of an honours with a prof, meet with another prof about the research job, attend modern to postmodern philosophy class (even though I have no room to take it--thinking maybe I can sit in. I'm short, they're likely not to notice). Then, archaeology class at night. Three classes on Thursday. Must complete Greek midterm to hand in by noon! My wee little break is over. Have set up two reading areas in my little home. They're delicious and warm.

Off to work on Greek! Read some poetry, hope to invoke the muse I've been purposely neglecting. Needed a break I think. Or time for the sinking feelings I've had about the art to subside. Not quite there yet. But not giving up either.

Got a new journal for Christmas given to me affectionately. The best kind of offering.

Now, what to write?
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