Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Obama and Clinton

Come on America, you've been fooled before.
You who listen to NPR inside your plush sedans,
doors secure. Never do you let in the outside.
Rest, while the machines of the nation mill your future
into mais. Where are you, each one, to speak for CHANGE
when you're shoved into display stands at the grocery,
misdirected youth longing for a soft word, a hard one.
But you curse them, grabbing at boxes of chemical food.
Fill your cart full of magazines of other people's lives
who have it better than you--captured in their fall
which makes them human, makes your life meaningful. But they are
lies, and only eat your hearts, your bank accounts, your
souls. While you pass up poetry and art, prose and history.
There are lessons here.

And the message: is there SUBSTANCE?

Do not be fooled by powerful words. Words are not actions, and can be misleading. And can inspire a nation to be misdirected... is this not the nature of mass movements? Does anyone know the true nature of a person who speaks of hope? Hope, a most powerful driver of inspiration. Did not other managers of countries speak of hope? Inspire a country towards twisted ideals?

It is a strong opponent, the nature of inspiration.

Do not let it fool you, America. There are things that need repairing.
You, for instance.

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