Saturday, March 12, 2011

RIP Haley, 1990-2011. Majestic cat. Fighter, Mouser, Affectionate maine coone monster. you will be missed.

She was one of the smartest cats I've ever known. She understood what I'd say to her and act on it. Walked like such a lady, her back legs always crossing in front of the other. She loved to roll on her back and play, but would bite you if you touched her belly. She often gave love bites as a sign of affection and licks on the nose. She'd sit at the edge of the bathtub with her tail in the water swishing back and forth, and always wanted to be so near to me--sleeping on my chest and wanting to cuddle under the blankets. She just loved attention. It took her awhile to get used to someone, but when she did she'd shower you with purrs and head rubs. One of the most vibrant memories was when she'd lie across the tops of chairs and couches with her legs hanging over the edges. She always had a sharp, knowing look about her and a keen interest in everything. When these sweet personality traits stopped, I knew she had begun to lose her spirit and that her frail body was taking over her mind. I ignored the signs, or didn't understand them--her walking into rooms with no purpose only to turn around and leave, what may have been her seeking out new places likely for her to hide when the time came. I knew that she knew it was close. It even began to hurt her with her weakened legs when I'd pick her up for our regular cuddles, where she'd place both of her large paws over my right shoulder and lay her chin down while we walked around. These last few days were so difficult for me to make the decision--one day she seemed strong, the other so weak and unlike herself. I could not bear her to suffer, and as difficult as this journey has been today, as tough as it was watching her take her last breath, I feel comfort in the fact that her spirit will live on somewhere--her kind, gentle giant spirit. I hope it will live on within me. She was often so strong when I was weak--coming to my side, sleeping almost on top of my head when I was sad. A great comforter. A queen among cats. Will miss her always, such a good companion, such a great, miracle cat who seemed to have many many lives. I rescued her from the Edmonton SPCA back in 1991, and ever since she has been rescuing me right back. Her presence will be a great void to fill. Death is not for the weak, and yet it is precisely for the weak. Strange how that is.

Love you Haley girl, so so much are you missed.
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