Monday, August 29, 2005

de la V.

you are either home
or you are

names that sound like homes
words, French ones, that could be phrases
that could belong to
to you

all you can eat is cheaper
all you can want

the convenience of
tempts the other side of the

labour disputes on
the radio
station identity
numbers signal

   (pretty good
the street by the river
   the home with no name

Monday, August 15, 2005


I'm moving to Montreal in about 3 weeks. I just returned from fishing. Here's a piece of writing that likely means nothing.

Sleep, marked by supination, curved line indicating a phrase,
and these things will come to pass: a lithe gate
opening onto steps you then were just about perched
upon; a manic lust, a derivative of ornate reason,
or so called by that phrase you found in a book you read
once, that time you were caught in someone else's bedroom;
that song stuck in your head at
7:59 am, two days now.

Or other things will happen. Like a single family
dwelling, a stir in your gut, the one that used to grow
bubble gum plants and root apple seed trees. And if an
apple grew in the stomach and an apple fell on your head,
the adverse effects would trip gravity. Maybe you'd

Picture this, then. Signals on water, the glint of silver
backed schools, the wrappings of soggy paper; yesterday's
news. That the silence may open, once, then happened
upon, burst jittery to starve you back toward the city.
Deluxe, when you want them to be. Carved out pits to park
a life in. Something to move forward-like, thin out.


Sunday, August 14, 2005


Or not. So I took this "what modern american poet are you?" 8 question quiz. You mean I can resolve stuff within the span of 8 questions? Who knew.

Stole this quiz link from Amanda Earl's blog thing.

This is what the brilliant creators of the bang-on internet quiz had to say about me. Bet it's cuz I mentioned porn. You always get a better response when you mention porn. But don't take my word for it...

You are Frank O'Hara
You are Frank O'Hara. You are a genius, but your life just keeps getting in the way. Even eating lunch gets in the way. You are totally obsessed by bridges and water.

(It's true. I like the toasted sandwiches. And deep water is tough to be suspended over.)

Which Famous Modern American Poet Are You?
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