Friday, June 13, 2014

Banff Centre poet-jazz collaborations

May 2014


Wanda O'Connor, poet/voice
PJ Andersson, trombone
Kai Basanta, drums
Kristin Fung, piano
Luan Phung, guitar
Antonin Tri Hoang, saxophone/clarinet
Jordon Morton, bass

Oh the character (of being perpetual)

"I cannot."
"Surface, sketch, betray!"
"I cannot. I cannot. I cannot and will not strike against this dull flint. A dole flaunt. A dell meet; met. Refrain me and I will exit. Frame me and I will loot."
"Suddenly unabundant."
"Perhaps it is extinct. I mean to say instinct."

I suppose this means I am not your darling.

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