Monday, April 17, 2006

Wide Slumber

Reviewed a.rawlings Wide slumber for lepidopterists yesterday. As of midnight last night I forked it over to the editing hands of the Ottawa XPress. Stay tuned for Thursday edition. If it's really very far removed from my original, I'll post here.

In other news I wrote a survey today for Concordia. It asked me what I wasn't happy with. I said the Creative Writing program. Sample: When I enquired about the graduate program, creative writing option, it was suggested that since it was extremely competitive I should apply to someplace like UBC instead.

I've also decided to give some serious thought to how we are naming the poetry that we write--titles that currently exist, like avant-garde, postmodern, postpostmodern, experimental, blahblahblah--are just not offering any kind of solid understanding of what's going on, AND is not really leaving room for any of us to define our poetics in any NEW way, now is it. So, for now, to simplify, I'm calling it all "avant-aware". I know I'm contradicting myself here, filing it all away under one title, but until I have a better idea, there it lives.

Working on essay #2: How Helen is representative of all women. Also doing book job to hand in tomorrow and working on US Lit Journal Web site. Woo-ee!


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