Wednesday, April 13, 2005


When I was home in Hillsborough at Christmas I snagged some shots of old photos of my gram, Reta. Recently found out she's been writing memoirs for years. How cool. No other writer interests in the family. I'm it. There's really no need for it in the stix (or even a high school diploma). Probably have a few kids if I'd stayed. Isn't that always the story. Might have been w/that cute little freckled boy who became pres. of the 4H club. He had a crush on me in grade 4. And wrote me a letter once in high school. I'd sure have a lot of cows. Love this pic of her particularly--taken in O'Leary, PEI where she grew up. Second one in from the left. Not sure what they're holding in their hands. Anti-cigarette pose? Maybe they got paid in gum for it. The girl on the right seems to think it's cool to smoke. Wonder how she's doin.


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