Saturday, April 02, 2005

Poem: while driving southeast, a strip of road

while driving southeast, a strip of road

the heaviness of a line
weighs like a kiss

a long engagement

the highway widens
a wide stretch of highway

curves, but does not break in half


she tells me about urban sprawl
and how it affects her judgement

a voice that is fused with the colour of a

a crack in the mirror, the wall
cellular tears in what seems

often words will (is this all we have
I know it already, says ,    in the back, stays
the length of a life or what it appears

confuse, the idleness of small change


I have been there, or, have reached its limits

law and order, the hotels you’ve been in

takes a dime to move on


can’t judge the distance but
it takes me so far

not what love is
but what it isn’t

how does summer arrive, then
the end of a day
how to survive it


the things no one knows how to do

knowing everything but
the language

a pound of weight to carry on
a feeling of stopping
at the knees

to speak the things we can not feel


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