Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wanda's 33rd Birthday Extravaganza


Birthdays are fun. A night of bowling (took over the place w/4 lanes @ the rock'n bowl), eating (so much cheese and cake!), and drinking at the Carleton Tavern. Who could ask for more. But I DID get more. The live band took it upon themselves to sing me a birthday song. One of those 3 piece drummer-as-singer outfits (just wrong). At one point the guitar dude jumped on the table in front of me and got all Led Zepplin. Something about a strangers crotch inches from your face to stun you for a few seconds.


Funny story. Friend Kent showed up with a pizza, less two slices. The bugger left my pal Jena's house and took a cab to my place (4 blocks away) and couldn't hold on til he got here. Told us he'd sue the bastards for selling him an eaten pizza...the evidence.

Got some lovely gifts. My friends are terrific. Two neat spiral bound ready-to-be-filled journals (love turning the book in on itself), pretty bunch of flowers at my door after work from friend Karen, many bottles of red wine (yay!), a funky purple hand-knit hat from Mel, a very cool self-powered wind-up flashlight for those dark nights at the camping, a watercolour painting of my two cats watching the northern lights as seen through the creative eyes of my pal Tony, and a fabulous purple wig--I love wigs, don't know what it is.

Taking time now to do absolutely nothing. Will celebrate (a little) tonight with my friend Julie. It is also her birthday. Time for our ritual of kareoke and amaretto sours.

Tomorrow I will drive to Montreal to partake in a literary tour given by my current Prof of creative writing, Seymour Mayne. There are rumours that L.Cohen is in town....


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