Friday, April 01, 2005

Things that have/not changed

Today is my birthday. It's always a time for reflection for me, and today I'm placing myself absolutely nowhere. And I rather like it. I'm not supposed to be anywhere, anyone, or do anything at this point in my life. Just being is good enough. But I have managed to establish a few things I enjoy and a few friends I love, and hell, that's just livin'. Rilke wrote once about not knowing a life fully until that moment just before you die. But perhaps simply knowing as we go is just as filling. Like my yummy lunch today, complete with extra helping of sweet pickle.

33 is a wierd number. Like two pairs of sideways breasts staring you in the face. Which may likely never happen to me....or anyone...but the day isn't over yet.

Things that have/not changed. I'm not any taller. I like pink. I hate to admit it, for years I turned my nose at the colour. I still swear by the VW, although it costs me a fortune in repair. I am sporting pigtails today. But that's not new. Tonight I will cook for my friends and drink a lot of anything. And enjoy every minute.

Today I will buy myself everything I want. Until I have no money left. Which shouldn't take long. It sucks to have a birthday on a rent day.
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