Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Robert Creeley

Got the news just now from the Buffalo poetics list that Robert Creeley died, great poet of his generation, one of the Black Mountain schooled poets. Also one of the founders of SUNY Buffalo's innovative poetics school; which I hope to attend one day. Funny, last night I came home to a package outside my door. A book I had ordered off ebay finally arrived. A collected Creeley. Read it at midnight, just as he was struggling with life, I was struggling with my own paths--Creeley's infused remedies guiding the way. I guess when one person leaves this world, another picks up his book and discovers all that he knew, or how he saw things. Sad to lose a poet, and one with such integrity and humour as I hear he had. I will read my new book tonight and think on his life, contributions, and kindness.

In other news, and to lighten things up a bit...I reached for a spoon in my office book shelf a few moments ago and discovered a can of tuna. Guess I'd brought that in for those "tuna" attacks. What am I, a cat? Yeesh. Also had a can opener up there. So, I'm eating it.


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