Thursday, March 31, 2005

Poem: where windows open

where windows open, abandoned once       or not thought

a breast that moves on its own, during the day

a hand that wanders lonely in a room

when others, a speech of everlasting
skirted the avenues in search of

insects or birds, mentioned or read about
an afternoon, how to spend

torn up or cut, carded
scratched a surface into

there is a cure for that, the sunken part

vegetation, takes a mountain walk to disturb
an apple dissected or
broken for the trip

deluged by nature, how love is found out
to be overrun by amount

netting or small game
hyphenated compliments tied, a ball around a pole

faculty in a cold surrounding
afflicts an audience to participate, slow down, or

fold away, the need to be caressed
such small spaces occupy the heart.


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