Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attila at the MET!

I might get to see two operas this February (a Valentine's gift to me? Why yes!). And to boot--by some happy coincidence, "Attila" features my new favorite Bass, Ildar Abdrazakov (see below).


As well, La Boheme is on. What terrific timing. I've yet to see it live at the Met. Anna Netrebko is singing Mimi!

I think I shall take off for reading week and treat myself. I need a vacation from the break up (which continues to rear its ugly head--but one year is up in June--I'm getting there bit by bit) and the chronic kitty care (granted I can find a suitable nursemaid who doesn't mind needles). Opera is just the thing (Isn't it always!). And a trek or two through Central park. And a few coffees on Broadway, in Chelsea, or wherever. And of course, Strand Books. And the RUSSIAN TEA ROOM ( God I love that place. Last time I saw that famous rockstar of the Rolling Stones with his equally famous much younger mistress... while I read some Kerouac. Fitting?

Love New York. Love.


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