Tuesday, January 12, 2010


of things for today.

I want:

-to have the most amazing Russian bass I saw in the Metropolitan opera's production of Faust 3 years ago (Ildar Abdrazakov) to call me up and ask me out. And subsequently fall in love with me. And then sing me to sleep. Or sing me awake. Whatever! I will in return fill his ears with choice Russian phrases I've learned, poems that are dear to me, and I shall giggle. And wear the best of my high heeled shoes. Or giggle while wearing high heeled shoes. While listening to him sing. Or even talk. God.

-to sport a star trek costume around town. I'm under the impression people find me odd, unapproachable. Eccentric? So, might as well live how I want. In fact, I might raid a costume shop. Be someone new every day! (If you're the hot opera singer reading this, a little delusion and madness is endearing, yes?)

-to disappear to Italy. To Tuscan hills, wine fields, life drawing classes in Rome, the Italian opera. Italy needs me. I just know it. Scratch that. Italy WANTS me.

-to fall asleep on a cloud and have the most restful sleep of my life and when I wake, my treasured cat will be well again, my worries will be abated, and I will have love again in my life. A life without love is a cruel trick of fate.

amare è vivere è amare
Однажды в бассейне свет ваш голос стремится мое сердце.


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