Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pray for kitty Bissy

My darling cat Bissy (Abyss) has been diagnosed with kidney disease this past month. Am trying a number of remedies and raw food, among other excellent quality canned food, but eating has become a large obstacle. Syringe feeding and medicating has taken precedence as I wait for even a hint of improvement. During the difficult times I've had, this sweet cat has been gracious, loving, affectionate and such an endearing companion. To return these gifts is my utmost intention, and I do so through treatment and lots of belly rubs, which she's always been quite fond of. Beyond this, and treating her with sub-q liquids, I admit to needing a Bissy sized miracle. Eating is paramount and is simply not happening. To those reading this, my friends, please offer some words of grace and solution to the aether parts. I would surely appreciate it.

Biss in healthier days: July 09

Putting on a brave face about two weeks ago. Before the rapid weight loss.

Bissy with many food options, none of which she finds palatable.


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