Sunday, August 09, 2009

Feeling out of it this weekend.
Bills to pay are piling up, rent is paid but emptied the bank account so I have no money for the next two weeks. What to do without money? Can I plan a visit home? Unlikely. Oh to be rich, or at least comfortable. How am I supposed to purchase my dream cottage in the country anyway?

Have two web projects left to complete as well. I need energy and mood elevators. I will go to the gym tonight, and later, eat a delicious meal of trout. God this blog is so dull.

I also have to finish a school project that's nearing completion, and rewrite the SSHRC proposal. Why do I stall? I'm completely unsure of what to write, if it'll be accepted, or if I'll be denied and so unable to attend school in a month. Why do I wait? I panic.

There is no fear.

I will have it done by tomorrow. I must.


Blogger Host said...

Things you can do for free:
Let your friend and her family whisk you away for the weekend by the lake. Filling brunch, 5 course dinner, fireworks (maybe), skinny dipping (gah!), and transportation all included.

Blogger wants me to do a word verification to guarantee I'm a human. The word is "goode." Goode indeed.

11:56 a.m.  

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