Saturday, August 08, 2009

There once was a girl who was seduced by Knowledge. She waded, as a child through the surf, but Indelible the moments were not. With great lust, great zeal, did she launch all ambition toward that which subdued and at once amplified Heart matters--toward the art of poetry, and later with similar desire did she embark on a view of the ancient past to satiate and replenish the dark desert which had grown inside her. Hands the colour of Rust. Knowledge was very kind to her, as it provided moments of epiphany and ecstasy, the aperture of life larger, revived. But it did not resolve Heart matters, as the bridge connecting logic to emotion had been washed out. To receive such thrills from Knowledge, and to as yet be Heart isolated, the passage lost, Heart broken... there are Books which resolve one side, and yet a path paved with paper will not float. And so the girl remains separate, not altogether two parts whole. To each part, lessons are granted, and misunderstood. To each, there is much Heart and much Knowledge. And one day a union will prevail.


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