Saturday, August 01, 2009


So, what about me? Oh yeah, I forgot. I exist. I EXIST.

Things I'd like to return to, passions of my heart: opera lessons, trips to the New York Metropolitan Opera (which fills my soul to overflow every single time), Bach (have you ever just listened to his music, really listened to it? It slays, invigorates, reminds me what the heart is capable of. Such softness, chaos, rejuvenation, poetry), visits to the Botanical gardens, Pottery, walks, more walks, DANCE classes, reading (lots), baking, tea enough to drown several ships, traveling, laughing (when did I forget how to laugh?). I have cried a goddamned river, thank you very much. I would like to move on now. I would like to find REAL love, not an imitation--and certainly not a taste of love once in awhile when it suits the other persons desires and/or schedule. I would like to fly, to remember who I am, to take back the day, the sunshine and the birds, to sleep again, soundly, dreamless. I would like to no longer be sad. I wish to be happy and most of all, at peace--which I am taking steps toward through Shambhala meditation, eating well (thank you, Wild Rose Herbal Cleanse), and exercise. And.... I need to stop hiding myself away.

That is all. For now.


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