Sunday, July 17, 2005

the trouth

turning rounded turn tourned turned tune
bending bend the bent bended or bendeded
filled file forlorn flux flud flute
beneath beneat benile benate benny
alotta allo alouette aloose alud loud
medusa meluth melamine meloo mellow
day 1 day day two day and three
, six


day 6


unhooked, by the door, back
where a bike is locked
an empty pot
something half remembered

missing the other parts
no one else can piece together

it is lost and the
shuts down

there by that tree, a kiss
there by that rose, something happened
it'd been years
it was lovely

like a trick

now half remembered

digits, numbers of houses
all maintained
but not

a walk at dawn

is over

Sunday, July 10, 2005

on the occasion of margaret and leonard

there is an autobiography

there is this surface of paper,

she likes the plenary of hallway
he likes the palm of hand

pacify the winter or the
later it will be languor
or it will be dinner

people know you here,
I know your description

we have been this way

in the morning the egg breaks
operations and small turns


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