Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I think I am very naive. And that's all I'm going to write about that.

Here's what my day looks like:

-took pictures of a lady slipper I (rescued) from the woods during a trek in Sutton QC peering at real estate I can't afford (at this time...)

-found the most glittering of rocks along a forgotten path near a wonder of a mountain stream

-watching my cat soak up the sun on the back patio

-tending to my flowers, tomatoes and herbs, tenderly

I am now making pasta salad for a picnic with my love. And then I will hit the library for my research job. Later, drinks with the girls (the goddesses). Lovely day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog now. What'd you think of the Griffin outcome, if anything?

1:54 a.m.  
Anonymous Christopher said...

Hi Wanda,

Going to see Phantom tonight for the very first time, and “I thought of you” ;-)

Can’t wait to indulge in the music of the night.

Here’s to life, love, and masquerades.

Try to enjoy the summer some amidst all that hard work and studying you’re doing eh!


1:01 p.m.  
Blogger MissWanda said...

I think there is an epidemic of a serious lack of editing in slim singular volumes of Canadian poetry. Then there are the thickish collections which require many poems in order to publish the damn thing in the first place. Quantity, not quality?

There is also the issue of big name poets getting big name awards. Is it due to the lack of quality among the lesser know Canadian poets, are these poets not sending in their books, or are the judges simply after only certain types of aesthetics when it comes to selecting the perhaps "appropriate" books? I wonder.

As for the winner, Don McKay, I've heard he's a super guy, so, good for him. I remember reading a little collection he did a few years ago (Lependu) and the prose poem in it seems a little like the one on the Griffin Web site--frankly, it seems to need some editing (the Lependu) but what do I know. Besides, it was in 78, and most poets tend to (regret?) earlier works, wish they could repolish them, tear them up. But again, what do I know. I publish piddly things.

I could go on. But I must eat my fried clams which have delighted my belly. Yes, I'm ending on the word belly.

7:18 p.m.  
Blogger MissWanda said...

Hi Cutting. I saw Phantom in New York only last November. Can you believe it?
God I was obsessed with opera at 13. Crazy girl.

7:18 p.m.  

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