Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Monday!

A poem from Stan Rogal:


What hoary secret whispers across the pitch
to strike a body blooming?
What aloed tentacle seeks to balm the sanguine wound?
From any perspective
            hips shift & breasts heave to the cadence
                                    animal avidum generandi
Aristotle's beast greedy for generation
           hid in a fold of legs
                  set to grind a child exstatic.
Here is such livid music & such white light
That sparks a vessel madder red
            parting lips with the taste of Mandrake, love apple
                  & every other nightshade
Listen. The heartfelt noise of it.
The sound.

In other news, Concordia professor and Montreal area poet Robert Allen has died. He was supposed to be my advanced poetry professor this year (David McGimpsey had stepped in instead). Saw him read a few weeks ago, launch his long poem The Encantadas; he read truly wonderfully.

Other things are happening, but if I wrote about them, I would have no time to do them. The doing will take precedence.

Finished a weekend helping Classics prof organize his conference: Recovering Philology. Many interesting papers.

Much is happening.


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