Friday, September 22, 2006

Sometimes I wonder if some young fantastic female fashionista died in the 1930's and was somehow transported partially into my own atomic make-up. I adore 30's fashion.

I was just now searching for old patterns (thought I'd get my sewing machine into action again today--been studying since Sunday and I need a break!). I happened upon this site where old German dress patterns have been disassembled, or simply mixed up enough to have lost their associative pieces. It made me sad to think of lost parts of paper once belonging to something and having some purpose in this world would no longer hold to its original potential, and of course my very next thought was in associating that time with such chaos in Germany. Reminded me of the haunting visit I had there in 2002. I toured the small towns along the Mosel and Rhine rivers and came across abandoned graveyards and old train cars with the German eagle tarnished in it's wheel axle.

I'm trying to write a poem about it.

I never realized just how real the holocaust was until I'd seen proof of it first hand. Took my breath away. That humans are capable of such things is entirely frightening. I live with this fear, as I am part of the human race. I feel a share in that pain.


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