Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gene Kelly walked this earth

Late night writing and watching Judy Garland movies. Wish I'd had the chance to know that small troubled woman with the powerful voice. Not unlike Edith Piaf, the little sparrow of Paris. Of Paris, reading Miller's accounts, he says no one dies in the city of love. People arrive and exist only to experience the Paris life--leave before their death. Wonder what city is comparable in Canada.

Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain always gets me. One of my happiest moments, watching that dance sequence.

I was reminded of the Outsiders today while listening to Stevie Wonder's song Stay Gold, the theme song to the movie (that song always made me cry swimming pools). (Oh how I loved Patrick Swayze.) I adored that movie. Reminiscent of my quintessential teenage experience, growing up poor and misunderstood in the back roads of N.B. Although I wasn't a boy (though us little girls wore a lot of pants in the 70's--mostly orange or brown).


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