Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Lobster Trap

Home of the Giant Lobster: Shediac, New Brunswick. I used to go to Shediac to swim in the Northumberland Straight at Parlee Beach when I was a kid. An hour's drive from Moncton. And I don't remember seeing this giant lobster statue. Must be new. Or I was too concerned with wrestling up some fried beach clams.

I like to eat lobster as much as the next person, but inhumane treatment of any living thing is absolutely unnecessary. Particularly since we have these big brain cavity's that we can use to prevent such a thing.

So I was at my local Metro grocery store and saw a stack of lobsters sitting in a styrofoam cooler. A few pebbles of ice at the bottom to cool the bottom lobster's rears. But that was it. The top little guys were turning stiff.

So I wrote a letter to Metro:


I was at my local Metro store today and wanted to write to your organization about something that I believe to be an inhumane treatment of living lobsters.

The lobsters were placed in a small styrofoam container with only ice, no water. They can only survive for two days (or less) like this. They need to be in a certain amount of salted water, and also to be fed, and if they are too close to each other, they will actually start to feed on each other, as strange at that may seem! They can not be stored in plain fresh water, in closed plastic bags, or simply left in the open like I saw them.

I approached the management who told me they didn't have the facilities to house the lobsters and only could put ice on them. I told her that simply wasn't the way to allow them to survive and suggested the above helpful notes. I truly hope they are taken into consideration.

I hope that this isn't your policy in all your grocery stores, and that something can be done throughout your stores as soon as possible to remedy this situation, as not only will shellfish not survive for long with this treatment, but they will also suffer needlessly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I felt like an idiot, but I marched right up to the Metro office and requested they change their lobster-housing policy. I was looked at like an idiot. They forced me to say that I was from New Brunswick and that I knew a thing or two about lobsters. They said they didn't have the facilities to house them. Simple as that.

If anyone else would like to join the lobster march, you can send them a letter here: http://www.metro.ca/Client/en/Corporatif/NousRejoindre/NousRejoindre.asp
They are also affiliated with Super C and Loeb--three stores I'm avoiding until I see some Lobster Improvement!

Anyway, that's how it is for today, Tuesday, May 30th. I'm going to Loblaws now to buy some tofu.


Blogger Mademoiselle Marianne said...

what's your horoscope sign again? i forget who I was reading their "Mirror" horoscope to that said something like "stand up for creatures that don't have voices" aquarious i think.... poor lobsters! they need activists on their side! Go wanda!

12:31 a.m.  
Blogger MissWanda said...

I think horoscopes are entertaining. I can always attribute someone else's horoscope to my day. But it's fun to read sometime. It would be neat to write them. Make up some really general thing about each person that would undoubtedly apply, then put a crazy spin on it.

I'm Aries. Born in the year of the Rat. First sign of the Chinese year and the astrological calendar. Not sure what that means. Since I don't really believe in it and everything.

But I'm always game for the protection and ethical treatment of animals. Even Hell Boy happy-fisted lobsters!

12:18 p.m.  
Blogger VanAvatar said...

A long lost memory from The Keg + the near omniscience of Google led me to here. Seemed you liked lobster there as well ;-)

3:53 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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