Monday, January 29, 2007


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Ottawa was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who provided such kind compliments and feedback on my work. & thanks to John M. for taking such a nice pic of me reading, to rob for inviting me to be there. Great talks with Stephen Brockwell--was sorry that I had to rush off. Perhaps Stephen will visit me in Montreal, introduce me to Peter Van Toorn? I truly miss Ottawa from time to time and it's good to return now and then. I hope someone will have a warm and welcoming poetry party soon and invite me (Claire? Stephen, bring your banjo... I'll be upstairs, dancing to the Sex Pistols).


Poetry as incorporating both visible and invisible elements: imagery, metaphor, concepts, ideas. Why do so many consider a poem successful only if they understand it completely? I say there is something intriguing about a metaphor that continues long past a hearing/reading of it. Why can't an "invisible" metaphor signal just as much pleasure as a "visible" one? I can't say how many times a direct poem complete with lacklustre narration has bored me entirely. I consider it success to polish an image until it shines, captivating my own imagination, coupling it with figurative language, mellifluous sound.

On another note, a friend of mine is looking to buy some land, possibly in Wakefield, Val-des-Monts area. 2+ acres, if anyone had any leads, please email me.
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