Saturday, December 09, 2006

You can call me RA

That's R.A., not sun-god. Besides, I'm not ready for the responsibility of caring for suppliants, counting libations, being everywhere at once.

R.A., research assistant.

Got me a job for next semester--yahoo. Pays well too. Now I can spend my free time creating bibliographies, searching and compiling and paraphrasing interesting articles on revision in antiquity.

What else am I gonna do with my time?

The two research topics are loosely based on an area I've recently taken an interest in: rhetoric. Rhetoric and revision seem to go hand in hand (hell, rhetoric is everywhere--maybe I'll explore in an essay next term). Also will be discovering texts that have to do with Cicero, Roman rhetorician. Exciting.

Next Term's Classes:

Continuation of:
Ancient Greek
Advanced Poetry Workshop

New additions:
Unspeakable Acts of Cruelty (Advanced Greek Drama)
Intro. to Archaeology

I'm looking forward to reading more of the ancient texts. Once read in English, I can move on to the Greek and maybe understand a little more of what's going on (although the two don't necessarily go hand in hand--they say it takes TEN years to fully appreciate the intricacies of Ancient Greek. Man.)


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