Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hold me, silt and dust. Cover me the light, the air, the
silk. The river like a bow, we lie together. Our backs
bent. Caledonia Highlands, Prince Albert's footprint, and
John F. Kennedy Jr.

Of the lion's coat, a ship of Ἑλλάς, now golden-crowned;
tongues of thieves. Borrowed sight, but none of vision. The backs
of my grandfathers preparing my way to return
to the earth. Hard ground, now harder to (re)turn.
New Ireland, Albert Mines, Micmac Road. Trout in Wolfe lake,
Salem, the tracks removed. Lupines, caves, the lady slipper.
Wild blueberries at dawn. The trees, the lighthouse, the trees.
Cape Enrage. Ocean views, cliffs of vertigo.

Steeves, Phillips, O'Connor, Milton, Henwood, Clements (Clermont).
Germantown, Coverdale, Doyle Hill. Hillsborough, Middlesex.

Waterfalls. Bridges.

The silt, the dust, the covering
of air. Call one home.

(now, where to find 400 thousand dollars... anyone want to live on an organic commune with me? Complete with swimming ponds and forest paths, and so much land to get lost in)


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