Friday, May 07, 2010

Montreal Cats

Just a note for any cat owners out there in Montreal.

I have two cats (15 and 20), both who decided to get sick at the same time (one suffering from kidney disease and one from hyperthyroidism). I've been treating them with *some* recommendations from my vet but have had most success and witnessed the most progress and healing in dealing with a wonderful homeopathic practitioner who deals almost exclusively with animals. And I've switched their diet to RAW food and took away the dry completely (I only feed canned food at night, and only Wellness). (Read the truth about dry cat food)

My cautionary advice: I only know of ONE certified natural homeopathic animal practitioner in Montreal, and she is affiliated with the NHC and MICH homeopathic schools (Read up on homeopathic medicine for cats). Others area vets and former petstore owners, etc. tend to market themselves as homeopathic but use multiple remedies (ie. "urinary tract infection" remedy, that may contain 5 different medicines). This goes entirely against homeopathic treatment, which traditionally uses one remedy at a time. The idea is to treat the WHOLE patient, and then observe the one remedy's affects. This is also the case for human treatment.


Animals deserve humane and proper treatment. Moving day is coming up in Montreal. Please don't abandon a domesticated animal. Contrary to popular belief, they cannot care for themselves once they've been fed and taken care of by humans. Call the SPCA or a local animal shelter, and put up ads on telephone posts, craigslist, or kijiji. Ask a family member or a coworker to take care of your pet until you can find it a permanent and caring home. Take responsibility for the innocent creatures we share the planet with, and for those you agreed to care for in the first place.


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