Monday, June 05, 2006

Hot or Bothered

"Hello world". This is the first line a programmer learns how to code. I thought it was dumb then. Still do.

I'm sick. If I could fix my Super Nintendo (it's missing a connector thingy) I'd be playing Super Mario Bros. all night. My younger brother and I used to play it for hours. So, I'm not going to class. I'm eating watermelon. I don't think it's really the best thing for a sick stomach. I will have to stop soon. You're not here but if you were you would have just heard me groan. Since I started this post, I should finish it. But now I'm dizzy-like.

If I could imagine what my sickness looks like, it would be something like this (can't believe I found this picture): a leprechaun hard-riding a hedgehog with a mouse digging into its back. Holding a snail. All smiles, of course. My sicknesses are happy sicknesses.

I feel like my face has turned on itself and now approaches its view both frontways and sideways.

I had two cabbage patch kids when I was young. I find them creepy. Like a sickness.

If it was raining and the pandas were taking over the world and there was a parade, I sure wouldn't be looking them in the eye.

The crow is one of my favorite birds. I also love all seagulls. Especially Richard Bach's Jonathan. What a crafty little bird he was.

I bounced my car insurance payment. It sure sucks being poor. So my car insurance will be cancelled (that's what they told me). Hopefully someone else will insure me. I hope that works out. If not, I will likely have to sell my car. And I can't tell you how sad that makes me. Sad because I worked very hard all on my own to get it in the first place, then some guy rammed into my lovely purple Jetta and completely destroyed it, and the insurance gave me only enough money to buy a golf 2-door. It's an okay car, but I want my purple car back. The one I paid 12K for. Fucking insurance. Fucking 18 year old driver. And, thanks to him, my back's messed up for life. Grumble grumble.

I need a rich uncle. I need a rich uncle who'll give me money, that is.


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