Monday, September 26, 2005

MESSAGIO GALORE take II: sound musings of jwcurry; accompanied by Max Middle and Jennifer Books

I made it to the Galore. And thankful that I did. (unfortunately drunk on one beer--yeesh--and a little too excited about the whole thing, but I did just come from a funeral and a day and night of wine, beer, tea, beer, tea, wine, and little sandwiches. You get the idea.)

I have one thing to say. Well, more really, but here's one thing. I think if anyone that can make the next spectacle chooses not to attend, you're a fool. And not in that Shakespearian sense. I mean rather Fool=Dumbass.

My attempt at a review:

re view par t wn

language is not a

review part two. at the dragontail.

a not is language

a is ton to no t a notisa a a aa a a

review part, the other part

left side right side left side


left side left side right side

steak (stake, really)

part end

ladder smashing spreading speaking mouthful smashing mouthful naked crunchy yummy language
alpha, (-male?)

two m's make a pair

blue and water
in the hair

(If you wanna "see" what you missed, an Ottawa photographer was there to manage all the recording of visual regards, with rather sharp and telling images at that:


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