Friday, May 01, 2009

Incredible Edibles

Can I just say that my Long/Serial poetry workshop this semester rocked? Of course I can. It was different than other workshops I'd taken in the past at Concordia University as the long poem is a process. Something that needs space to breath and room to grown, reshaping voice, tone and narrative. Or at least it "felt" that way for me. I learned quite a lot about my own poetic voice this semester, thanks to the helpful suggestions of my talented and capable classmates, and to the wonderfully encouraging and detailed comments from Stephanie Bolster herself.

I may be biased, but what the hell. Thanks to one of the students, JP King (layout talent extraordinaire), we were able to compile all of our long poems into an anthology, entitled "Extended, Sequential, Serial, Lengthy, Longish, or Otherwise Self-Limiting Poems," after an essay on the Long poem by Sharon Thesen.

The book was made in a limited edition, but we are super happy with the result! And the talent, again, is superb in this collection. Perhaps someone will want to pick it up and publish it with their press...

So, to all my classmates of ENGL 429E/672B, I salute you. Bravo. I hope to see your work in the future, and to share once more with you all.


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