Saturday, July 15, 2006

I can clean a toilet and speak 3 languages all at the same time.

Apparently, this new job of mine is normally reserved for immigrants. I was asked today what country I was from.

One girl I was working the same floor with used hand gestures to signal me, similar to those I'd imagine a smaller, poly-legged creature would respond to. I returned to the room I was cleaning. The door shuts automatically.

The girls speak Spanish. I speak English. We communicate in broken French. It's a mess, really. But the rooms are clean. Simple, the language of "sparkle".

I learned how to say pillowcase in Spanish yesterday. It's far more difficult than it should be. I learned how to say it from Valeria, my maid trainer of a higher echelon. She used to be a dancer. Ballet, or as she calls it, vallet. "I use teach dancing", she glowed, "then I teenager, you know. I lose the interest. Then, flamenco. You come to my house, see these dancing". I think I'm going to her house to see some Argentinian posters. Maybe some shoes. I'm very excited. Especially since I've started tango dancing. She's promised to show me some flamenco too.

So far, I've met people from Columbia, Argentina, and Uruguay. I'm from Canada.

(I made 10 dollars in tips today. But I won't spread it around.)


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