Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear Blahhhg

I cut the corners off my toast today. Brown toast has gross corners.

(All you can eat sushi is never a good idea.)

I live with two nice girls who are 10 years younger than me. They watch CSI every night. Is that normal? Since I really don't get the appeal to that show, would one say I've matured, like a cheese; I feel like I've been on the shelf. What the hell happened to good TV. What am I saying. Good TV? It's the beer. Damn those Belgians for making such sweet good beer stuff (even better IN Brussels, the little coffin bar off the main "Grand Place", especially). I didn't even order the damn cable. The last renter didn't cut it off or something, and now we're stuck, I'm stuck, with CSI watchers in my living room. I bought floor cushions, for sitting and playing board games and things, not for TV activity. Damn, I am an old cheese.

Today I bought new boots, without holes. I wore them in the kitchen while I made some food. They click click clacked all over the cheap linoleum. I think it's linoleum. How do you spell linoleum? They are white. I can go-go-go in them.

Today I missed my home. It drove right past me. I couldn't run that fast.

Poetry alludes me today. So, am reading about Stein's life. Wierd fact (for me): she once thought of a pen name of Jane Sands, which is awfully strange considering my pen name about 10 years ago was jane e. sand. Guess there aren't a lot of pen names out there.


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