Friday, October 05, 2012

prima nocta, quaque nocta supine

Listening to the Orphic radio. full impact, full understanding. companions and contradictions with Mondrian tree, Mozart, and martini.

Derrida: "Already in the Phaedrus, Plato says that the evil of writing is seen as coming from without.... already tying the episteme and the logos within the same possibility, the Phaedrus denounced writing as the intrusion of an artful technique, a forced entry of a totally original sort, an archetypal violence..."

If what is known can only be attributed to the knowing self from beyond the self, then it might seem "natural" that what comes from within to be pure artifice. Let us consider Huysmans, who claims that artifice is superior to nature. If through the act of writing we create artifice, that oscillation of violence in archetype is not unlike the very essence of nature... non? nature or artifice, or rather imitations of both.

in the end

the bitterness of writing. the felt of sky.

made clearer.


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