Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi ro Shi Madness

I have to go to financial aid now. So my phone is not disconnected. Every other time they have not given me money. Will this time be different? I will give them a poem in return, and if they reject me, I will sit for hours and my boyfriend's security company will have to remove me. And then I will spit. No, spitting is gross. I will sing highly and steadily and without regret or insecurity.

Why is it, oh why, that after difficult relationship personality has been settling in for over two years, there is now a gigantic new amount of indigestion to wade through. Honestly, my rubber boots are worn OUT. And why is it always such bad timing. June would have been perfect to deal with said disaster of new and unacceptable personality explosion. Disaster.

Argh times a million.


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